No Hong Kong for me


Like many stackers, I was planning to be on a plane bound for Hong Kong in in the morning. Unfortunately, there has been a change in plans. While my shoulder surgery went well and my recovery is going as the doctor expected, it isn't going the way I expected. Perhaps I needed to think it would be a fast bounce-back. After all, it was arthroscopic. Right? How bad can that be. Well, it turns out they can do very sophisticated arthroscoping procedures these days. Two screws, a new hole drilled through my clavicle and two completely severed tendons now (hopefully) getting premanently reattached to my bone is a good thing. It's just not something I can travel on in two weeks time.

So, I'll be here in San Antonio getting two-hour stretches of sleep in my recliner, taking advantage of modern pharmaceuticals and continuing to heal. I'll also be dialing in for the OpenStack Board of Directors meeting on Monday (Sunday night!) I hope the stackers in Hong Kong get a lot done and outline the right priorities for the next six months. I'll be back in April stronger than ever.

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